Muyiwa talks small steps

I have sat, talked and worked with billionaires, as well as with homeless men and women. One thing has become abundantly clear to me, we all have business acumen, the question is, how well do we develop it? The other question is, who is your coach?

The difference between the one who holds the world title and the also-ran, is more than just the gift, it’s the coach. The coach takes you through the mundane tasks of warmup, exercise routine, they help you to push yourself.

In business, it’s every little step, every little piece of ground you take, every little chunk you bite, that’s how the elephant is taken down, bit by bit.
So, you want to do big business? Start with a small one. You want to run a Fortune 500? Start with the corner store. You want to have your own answer to Apple? Fix the computer in your house.

The journey of the many miles, starts with one step. Sounds ridiculous but ask any business success you know and they will tell you-one step after the other. I have taken one step after the other and can tell you it works. After all is said and done, it’s more than the business plans. It’s smaller than the ideas. It’s more than just working hard. It’s everything together. Without the ideas we have nothing, without the plan the ideas are dreams. Without the hard work, the plans die.

These three things to do.

(1) On your mark:
Vision, dream it up!
(2) Get set:
Plan, write it down
(3) Go:
Get off your behind and start to work. Work it baby. This is how big starts.
I will be sharing with you thoughts from some of the most successful people in business on the planet. Look out!