Muyiwa talks about keeping life in balance

I am the first son in a family of four. I am the bearer of my father’s legacy. I am the star that didn’t quite shine the way they planned.

I am a stone that was cast aside. I was…but now, I am a father of two amazing boys. I am the husband of a prodigiously gifted wife, who’s strength is only matched by her beauty. I am a black man trying to find his voice.

I am a friend of God. My life has had its ups and downs. Many times the downs could have drowned me and the ups could have intoxicated me, but I found great joy in the middle.

We are told the middle is average, so we live in extremes, but we need balance, if life is to be enjoyed. Life is about balance, I am a son of God, I am on a quest in order to find what lies in the heart, and the soul and in the mind. The song says, “ Sometimes serenity, sometimes this misery. All times he is there holding me together now I know the reason for my being is greater than I.”

I find emancipation in embracing Rule Number Six, what rule is that you say? I’ll have to tell you some other time. Life oh life!