Muyiwa talks about standing out from the crowd.

The world is a crowded place yet spacious, it’s a lonely place yet full of love.
Ours is a world of contradictions.

How is it possible to step out of the crowd and become the “Outlier” that Malcolm Gladwell describes in his now classic set text, Outliers? Is it just a function of 10,000 hours of blood sweat and tears?

What if I put 10,000 hours into climbing the ladder only to find out it was leaning against the wrong wall? Then it’s back to the crowd lost in the midst of many, asking the same questions as before.

However, if I have just one person, just one voice helping me to make sense of the noise, giving me directions in the crowded room of rush hour travels of life, then I can join the few who escape. Then you realise, even as the few are trying to get somewhere, they are trying to become the One.

My quest is to help someone in the crowd who wants to grow to become One of the few, it is something we all have a desire to be but only a few ever get there.

There are those who lack desire but many more who lack opportunity. The opportunity and hope of a better future is what this journey is about. This is what we bring to let a young man who has no shoes and no family, but has become the face of fund raising for charity in the West; to allow him go from the boy in the picture to the boy who ends up running the charity, that is what this is about.

The reason for each and every one of our being, is greater than each one of us. The quicker we wake up to this, the quicker we become who we ought to be. I want to be one of the few, how about you? Our conversation will allow you the opportunity to be “ The One” and to help someone else be.

So, here are 3 things to do:

(1) On Your Marks:
Stop and be thankful.
(2) Get Set:
Fix your eyes and your mind on who you aspire to be
(3) Go!:
Write down the plan.
I’m here to help if you need!