Muyiwa takes on the music business

Music is supposed to be the purist form of expression, but I wonder. My years working in a record company may have taught me different. I remember working on a big campaign for arguably the biggest female artists in the world, then I remember being told by my boss not to get taken in by the artists complements or advances.

My then boss, made it clear in no uncertain terms that if I got too excited, her husband who was easily one of the most powerful men in the music industry, would end my career, which had only but started. Then it got me thinking, was this woman really the success she was because of her great talent, or was it the muscle of her insecure partner who would at a stroke of a pen or one dial of a button, crush the career of anyone who looked at his prized assets funny.

Then I thought, I wonder if any have ever tried to find out what would happen, suffice to say, I never found out, and their relationship never lasted.

The industry is so fickle and human beings so fragile, so easy to reel off lines like, “if music be the food of love play on” but the reality is, years after the music has stopped, the business must go on. So I’ve learnt to make music, do business and keep your integrity. Music, romance, unrequited love, it could be about that, but let’s keep it about the music keep it pure.

As we journey further I’ll be sharing my experiences in the industry and be your personal resource on how to make a success of your music business.

So here are 3 things to do.

(1) On your marks:
Check out the artist I’m recommending
(2) Get set:
Tell me what you think of their music
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