It was a lifetime in the making and it was an amazing moment to be able to exhale at the concert. It had taken years to excavate my life’s experiences and look at others like me who are from one part of the world but made the UK their home. Your identity is always questioned by both sides that you look to for affirmation. On the Eko Ile CD there was something of a cathartic religious reflection as we made the record in Ghana, the circle was made more complete with the live show, the narration by Nigerian British Actor David Alabi gave me a voice on stage beyond the lyrics of the songs. The killer band led by the prodigious Niji Adeleye and vocal section led by Maria Martin fresh from their BBC Proms victories added the needed special ingredients to make an amazing sound.

Since 2003 with Riversongz we have staged some incredible productions widely regarded as ground breaking in the U.K. Whether it’s the Ocean concert or the O2 concert the first time UK gospel would take over that space or the Evertim Apollo moment that saw thousands gather to the sound of UK Gospel. How can all that be topped? Well I think we did it, the creative direction of Patrick Campbell, a veteran and award winning TV producer and director, mixed with the stage design of Mark Sutherland and the production of Sola Osinowo of Eloytech meant we couldn’t but better our past efforts. I believe we showed the UK gospel family that it’s possible to be an independent artist and put on a world class production without the backing of promoters, management etc. The presence of Nigerian dignitaries like Kabiyesi Oba Tejuoso meant the Eko Ile event had the support of the community. The circle will be completed as the Eko Ile tour goes around the UK and beyond.

The future is bright, the future is #FantasticallyNigerian